Collection Pozzo Strada, the elegance of the pantograph

new details that enhance a classic concept that resists the passage of time. some synthesis of the pantograph, a technique that allows you to perform any cutting machining, drilling and engraving of unanta panel. And the main feature of the collection of Pozzo Audasso Road which is divided into a Classic line and in a Minimal to suit different tastes. Pantograph doors for interior picks the style and proportions of those traditional revisiting them in a modern way, thanks to the latest generation tools, machining technology. The model range includes, among others, swing doors, sliding retractable and folding.

swing door

Pozzo Strada 303P

The door Pozzo Strada 303P is part of the Shaft Road Interior door collection: a white lacquered wooden door with a single hinged door opening that ...

Sliding door

Pozzo Strada 306p

When space is limited, the solution may be to install an external sliding door wall. How Well Road 306p of Pozzo Strada doors collection for internal ...

door Knocker

Pit Road 314v

Pozzo Strada 314v the wood door with glass insert that is part of the collection Pozzo Strada interior doors, a practical and elegant solution for ...