Doors collections

Furnish a house means designing its interior so that everything is functional and that best meets their housing needs. For this important to choose doors for interiors that are in harmony with the surrounding environment exalting and, at the same time, making it unique. At this inspired collections Audasso doors that are entirely made in Italy and offering unampia range of interior doors models able to satisfy the most diverse requirements: hinged doors, sliding doors, wooden doors, gates laminate and many other models, types and finishes among which to choose the most suitable port to their tastes.
oak doors


The combinations are endless and the combinations between, windows, profiles and inserts that proposes the collection Fermi interior doors 100% Italian: materials and craftsmanship guarantee.



Colors and materials transform lanta door into a source of light. The interior doors of Paradiso Doors collection are doors in profile with glass full height to give allambiente great brightness.



The charm of the traditional lines the main feature of the collection Marche offering interior doors in the classic version, smooth, white and walnut, two timeless colors.



When the small space necessary to choose doors that optimize centimeters available. The Massawa collection of interior doors offer models, profiles and finishes for every need.


Pozzo Strada

Classic and minimalist are the two souls of the pantograph of the Road Pozzo collection. Interior doors available in a wide range of colors to revisit the tradition in a modern way.


Monte Grappa

internal sliding doors, external or concealed, swing and folding: there are many types of door of Monte Grappa all customizable collection with engravings in a modern matt lacquer.



The simplicity and brightness of glass are ideal for smaller environments. The Rivoli collection of interior doors made of glass doors either transparent or with sandblasted or engraved decorations.

solid wood door


To make unique environments for the Racconigi collection offers interior doors in real solid wood in several finishes. The doors are available in hinged variants and sliding in the wall.



Style and quality of the doors go hand in hand in the interior design. The interior doors of Bernini collection are made of slatted wood inside, total wood sheared off.


Principi D'Acaja

To take advantage of all the spaces of the house, every major centimeter. The collection DAcaja Principles proposes doors, alcoves and closets to flush to realize space-saving solutions embedded in the wall.

security door with lacquered panel


Having a security door with the same style of the interior of the house now possible. The Lingotto collection offers 100 # 37 Italian armored doors for all door models available in the catalog.

Cabinet closures


A quick fix and accessible to all to divide the house of the service areas the sliding system for the closure of small rooms and cabinets of the Closet collection of interior doors.

sliding wall of glass and aluminum


the door can also become an interior design element especially if it serves to make room in the house. The Flu collection offers sliding systems both suspended and floor to optimize the interior.



To share with elegance any room of the house, the Air collection of interior doors offers the suspended sliding system, ideal to meet the diverse needs of contemporary living.