Collection Monte Grappa, modern doors engraved

To customize the interior of the house does not take much. Just choose doors that furnish and you're done. Such as those that are part of the Monte Grappa companys collection of doors for interiors Audasso. Doors entirely made in Italy, with the best materials and with a design up to date. This collection is characterized by its doors be customizable thanks to the incisions to be made sullanta. The door engraved lacquered in matt shades and modern style are made of various types: classic hinged door, internal sliding door or outside wall, folding door or folding all available in numerous colors and shades depending on your needs.

door Knocker

Monte Grappa 850

Customize home interiors can choose Monte Grappa 850 the wooden door carved lacquered ash with a single hinged door opening of Monte Grappa interior ...

swing door

Monte Grappa 853

Monte Grappa 853 the lacquered wooden door with a single hinged door opening of the Monte Grappa doors collection for internal ideal for those ...