Fermi 400N, smooth sliding door, hinged or folding

Ideal for organizing  space as they can separate the rooms in the room uncluttered, well-integrated with 26-nbsp; furniture and accessories d’ furnishings, outdoor wall-sliding doors 26-nbsp; have increasinglyù used also in renovation becauseè requiring minimal intervention on the masonry esistente.  The door of the Fermi Fermi 400N collection of doors for interiors è a simple and flexible solution, suitable for different types of furniture and that combines 26-l-rsquo; high-tech look of the aluminum rail, also available with cover combined all& # 39; door, with l-26 - # 39; warm effect of the wood. It is actually a door in lacquered laminate single door dove and wood profile that goes perfectly with any style was chosen to personalize their homes.

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