Fermi lacquered doors

Door lacquered silk textured laminate

Fermi 405, leads to disappearance touch

The door 405 is part of the Fermi Fermi collection of interior doors: a wooden door with laminate finish Touch effect in different colors with relief vein characterized by various types of opening.

Door lacquered laminate dove


The door Fermi 400N belongs to the Fermi collection of interior doors: a smooth door with wood laminate finish with external sliding unapertura wall with aluminum rail.

Door lacquered laminate ivory

Fermi-401N duet

The port is part of the Fermi Fermi 400N of interior doors collection: a smooth door in wood with lacquered ivory laminated finish characterized by unapertura collapsible asymmetric.

door with glass ash

Fermi 406

The door Without a door 406 from the original line and the current. Is part of the Fermi interior doors collection and a glass door.